Vet Services Suited for Your Pets

Pets have become an integral part of human life and are found in most households today. They are known for lighting up a home with happiness and bringing that friendly surrounding to everyone. Whether it is a dog or a cat, pets need to be well taken care of, for a healthy life. One thing that often is ignored, and is the very crucial to the health of a pet is its dental care. A lot of people may not be aware of the signs and symptoms of dental issues in a pet until it’s too late. In case you notice any signs, don’t panic, just contact any Inner West vet clinic and book an appointment!

Services Provided

Dentistry – Most of the tooth and gum infections can be the main reasons why your pet is suffering from bad breaths such as tooth decay, gingivitis, gum infections, etc. Such cases should not be ignored because they cause harmful effects to the healthy life of your pet. A qualified vet Inner West market has today who specializes in dentistry and will treat any dental infection affecting your pet.

Desexing – Most female pets are prone to unwanted pregnancies. To avoid this, they can undergo a surgical procedure which involves the removal of their reproductive organs, whether male or female.

Vaccinations – It is very important to vaccinate your pets as a way of protecting them against any bacterial or contagious infections that may affect their health. Annual vaccinations are strongly advised. Some of the common illnesses that pets are vaccinated from include feline AIDS, leukaemia and chlamydia.

Pet care – it involves pet grooming, deworming and flea treatment.

Surgery – Any vet in Inner West area also offers surgical services for pets. They have a team of well-specialized doctors and nurses with high-tech equipment, which are used during the surgeries. They can also conduct special surgeries to your pets such as reconstruction, orthopedic and soft tissues.

The above are just a few among the many services offered by Inner West vet clinics to keep your pets healthy.

Benefits of Regular Checkups for Your Pets

It advisable that at least once in a year, you should take your pet for an annual visit to any Inner West vet clinic for its numerous advantages. They undergo a thorough physical examination which might help to detect any premature signs of infections or illnesses. This helps because when early treatment is conducted, it can help save a life.

Prevention is always better than cure! A visit to the vet can help prevent various illnesses by creating a health-care plan for a certain period of time. Through this, some illnesses can be avoided. In the case of a disease outbreak, your pet can be vaccinated to prevent it.

The overall body weight of a pet is very important. A visit to the vet might help determine its body condition and the right measure to be undertaken, whether it is overweight or underweight. For old pets, regular check-ups are important because they are prone to age-related issues. Medication can be administered to reduce the side effects of aging symptoms. Make sure you take your pet for regular visits to the vet, for a healthy life.