Unique software for attorney’s office

When you enter your attorney’s office, normally you find his office filled with several files, books, papers, scribbling pad and whatnot. Naturally, with such an environment in the office, the attorney may not be able to concentrate on his work. Here comes the importance of document assembly software.

Digitize the office:

In simple terms, similar to office automation, the document assembly software digitizes the attorney’s office. The software aims to make the attorney’s office paperless or the one with less paper. As a result, the attorney and also his juniors will be able to concentrate on the cases at hand because they are able to get at the record at the click of a button.

Straight line flow of work:

If you make a flow chart of the traditional documentation process of your attorney’s office, you will notice there is enormous criss-cross movement of records. This cumbersome procedure is now replaced by a straight line movement wherein the document assembly software digitizes the records, and every eligible person in the office would be able to view them.

In addition to these, the software contains several added features. These features are briefly explained here:

·        The software is so developed that every function of attorney’s office is fully digitized. For example, the software manages the accounts and the records. It even manages the dates. These are some of the various other utilities in this software.

·        Simplicity in operation is yet another utility of this software. In fact, the software is customized to the needs of every attorney. Just few hours of practice would be sufficient for the attorney and his staff to get sufficient knowledge of various utilities available in the software. It is very easy to create a record and update the records as and when the need arises. For this purpose, the software has provided user friendly template creation procedure.

·        The Document can be created in any format like for example .doc, .PDF, .docx and so on. You can also follow a unique numbering process along with exclusive header/footer and pagination. The software also allows you to write foot notes and make your own table of contents.

·        The accounting part of the software enables the attorney and his/her office staff to make billings, watch remittances, make payroll, track financial status and various other utilities.

·        Follow up is one of the important aspects of attorney’s office. The software gives reminders of cases coming up during the week or on the next day. This will enable the staff to make all the files ready before hand so that the attorney can prepare for the case.

·        Trusted Document Control mechanism is yet another feature of this software. The software provides complete protection from hackers and spammers, and no unauthorized person can ever access the records. Even within his office, the attorney has the liberty to restrict access to any record.

Reduction in overhead expenses:

The software is so versatile that it considerably reduces the work of the office. In fact, it is said, by adopting the software, the attorney’s office will be able to achieve 30% increase in its performance. It is also said the printing and copying cost can be reduced by about 73%. There will be a reduction in office expenses, including salary by about 15 to 53% and reduction in IT cost by about 53%. This software is gaining popularity among the attorneys for these reasons.  http://www.lawmaster.com.au/