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On Monday, February 13, 2017, portnews.com announced that many gp after hours have contributed to the reduction of preventable health conditions because of the early diagnosis that they make. Majority of the population are living under tight work schedules such that visiting a hospital is hard. The only free time they have is after hours. Through the after hours doctors, the people are able to find quick medical interventions and diagnostic procedures for the conditions that could proceed to chronic levels, if not early diagnosed.

GP doctors are general practitioners who can primarily diagnose diseases and advise the way forward.

Conditions that can be handled by GP after hours

Ideally, these people can handle all sorts of health conditions:

–         They can handle reproductive health as well. Reproductive health includes attending to clients who have a problem in conceiving, people who undergo miscarriage, men with erectile dysfunction and all issues pertaining to reproductive organs.

–         Gp service after hours also offers respiratory tract infection treatment as well as the GUT infection treatment.

–         Matters to do with injury can also be handled since the doctors have all the necessary tools to ensure that perfect examination is done for proper diagnosis.

Types of Examinations Done

Those who see doctor after hours should ensure that the doctor has the perfect diagnostic equipment so that no misdiagnosis occurs. Availability of digital X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, mammogram, blood testing machines, the cardiology testing machines and many other investigative machines should be available for perfect diagnosis to be made. It is through a perfect diagnosis that proper treatment is going to be done. Through the disease categorization, the gp after hours would be able to know whether to refer you or not. You need to ensure that you find a doctor who can perform all the necessary tests before you book an appointment.

Treatment Approach

There are those doctors who will give you a group of tabs and many injections without taking the time to discuss your condition. That kind of a treatment is normally not satisfactory and sometimes underlying conditions could be left behind.  Doctors should be able to sit down and analyze your medical history so that they know the start of your condition before they initiate any treatment. They should be able to determine the cause, whether hereditary or caused by environmental sources. This way it would be easy for them to properly treat patients.

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